Our products evolve through the lives of your customers to meet their changing needs. We offer best-in-class products and services that encourage brand loyalty and retention.

Customer Needs

Our research tells us that customers want simplicity, transparency and personal flexibility when it comes to products. Customers want a product that can be tailored to their lifestyle & pocket and which reflects their personal appetite for risk. Your customers want insurance to be:

  • Easy to access through multiple channels
  • Flexible to their individual needs
  • Affordable
  • Clear and easy to understand
  • Claims treated fairly, efficiently and quickly.


At AXA Partners we tend to talk about 'customer propositions’ and not just about ‘products’. We’re focused on taking a “brilliantly simple” customer proposition to the customer that includes:

  • Products that are clear, easy to understand and meet a direct customer need
  • Flexibility and choice in risk pricing to fit the household budget and customer attitudes
  • A positive customer experience through empathy, ease of access to our products and simple processes to deliver a fast, simple and easy claims experience.

All of our consumer engagement is driven by our commitment to Treating Customers Fairly, ensuring that we meet and exceed the minimum standards set out by the Financial Conduct Authority and apply these principles across all countries in which we operate.