The needs of today’s insurance customers are changing as never before. As Director of Database Marketing it’s my job to develop a deep understanding of the changing needs of customers, and to use this knowledge to design best-in-class marketing programmes.

It all starts with consumer analytics. We take a structured look into our customers’ lifestyles, their life stages and behavioral patterns, and we use this knowledge to develop an understanding of the protection needs they have. 

We then collaborate with our clients to design bespoke insurance propositions that are directly relevant to the customers’ needs, backed up by customer targeting and risk-based pricing strategies designed to offer a fair price to customers, while at the same time maximising the ROI on the campaign. 

As customers move through various life stages – for example getting married, buying a first home or having a family – our marketing strategies evolve to remain highly relevant to their needs. Our marketing is fully localised and can also be tailored to different industries, from automotive vendors to financial services clients. 

Insurance is of course no different to many other sales propositions. Our customers want to use a variety of channels to research & buy their products. With this in mind we develop campaigns that work across multiple touch points including digital, POS (point-of-sale) and telemarketing, offering a seamless customer experience across information collection, policy acquisition, customer services and claims processing.

Our CRM experts work to boost campaign performance using robust cross-sell/up-sell and retention programmes. Our goal is not just to “sell” an insurance product. We want to ensure long-term commercial value for our clients by delivering an effective, customer centric marketing programme.

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Anirban Chaudhury

Anirban is the Director of Database Marketing and has been working at AXA Partners – Credit & Lifestyle Protection for over 5 years.