Pat is the Technology & Business Architect for LPI and is been a key part of AXA Partners – Credit & Lifestyle Protection’s Technology team.

The customer is at the heart of our values, so for me a key part of our business is to enable – through technology – the continuous enhancement of our customer & client experience.  It’s about being able to develop and roll out new service offerings quickly. And for our pan-European and International clients, it’s about being able to do this efficiently across a very wide range of countries.

Fortunately for us, unlike many other insurance companies, we have the same standard TIA platform in every country. This offers us a huge competitive advantage.

We operate in over 25 countries and handle over 45 million policies, 11,000 client files and approximately 40,000 claim payments per month. The sheer volume of these transactions means we need a robust, scalable platform. That platform is TIA and it’s one that we are very proud of.  It’s a consolidated technology platform – built on best-in-class non-proprietary technologies such as Oracle – that administers all of our products and services.  We think of it as our enterprise platform.

One of my jobs as Technology & Business Architect is to encourage continuous innovation. The evolution of the TIA platform has always focused on the highest level of governance and controllership standards. TIA has a highly adaptable architecture that integrates readily with a wide range of technology platforms, and you can see that in the integration built into a number of our latest customer-facing digital sales & service platforms such as Web Sales, Web Claims and the Client Portal.

My aim is to help keep us at the forefront of our industry. For that to happen we will continue to invest in new research and in new technologies. I’m happy to say you can see the results of that research in many of our new & innovative technology propositions, aimed at both AXA Partners – Credit & Lifestyle Protection clients and our policyholders.

Pat Galvin, Technology & Business Architecture