Mark Doherty on Innovation; How One Small Idea Can Lead to Bigger Change

We believe innovation to be a key differentiator between being a market leader and our competitors and is critical to drive new ideas and change within an organisation. Good ideas are abundant within our workforces, but companies don’t always invite them in.

At AXA Partners – Credit & Lifestyle Protection innovation is at the heart of what we do and is about “pursuing the opportunity to make a difference”. By encouraging collaboration and building on ideas with colleagues small ideas can lead to bigger changes and can really make a difference.

To help promote innovation within AXA Partners – Credit & Lifestyle Protection we set up a process whereby Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime can post their idea through a user friendly portal. Posts can either be personalised or anonymous and it creates an opportunity for everyone to have their voice heard and provide great ideas to improve what we do and how we do it.

The portal was designed to make it as easy as possible to share ideas. All employees are provided with a unique login after which it is a few short steps to post their idea. The portal encourages collaboration enabling users to view existing ideas, comment and vote on them and set up events to encourage idea generation around hot topics such as process automation.

Providing support and feedback throughout the process is The Innovation Team who ensure that each idea is brought to the right subject matter expert and that it receives consideration. The process has been designed to be transparent and fair allowing everyone to have the opportunity to contribute and turn their idea into a reality. Successful ideas are aligned to strategic priorities and when implemented can make an impact on our organisation and our employees every day.

It is important to make time to innovate. This process enables employees to easily provide ideas on how we can improve what we do or offer new ways of working in all areas of the business, internally and externally. Employees can be part of change and help translate ideas into reality.